Greg founded The Raynel Company in 1980 along with now-retired partner Gary Nelson. Greg spent 15 years as a top salesman for Kaiser Steel in Los Angeles calling on the mining industry throughout the Western United States. Greg became an expert in the metallurgy and structure of steel and in particular its application to the ground support needs of the mining industry. Today it is his keen understanding of his products as well as the needs of customers that has helped Raynel develop a number of proprietary products. It is his creative talents and positive approach to marketing products that have contributed greatly to the success of Raynel.

Greg passed away on September 27, 2001 leaving his company in the hands of his two sons, Dave and Daryl, and leaving behind a legacy of professionalism and dedication to his customers. The Raynel Company and the Ayers family have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and heartfelt condolences from the many people that Greg touched in his professional life. We are very thankful for the flowers, phone calls and cards we have received and also thankful for the impression Greg made on many people's lives. Thank you


Daryl graduated from San Francisco State University in 1996 and immediately joined the Raynel Company. He was given the responsibility of handling all the bookkeeping and account management for the company. Daryl worked side-by-side with Greg Ayers and Gary Nelson on a number of critical and innovative projects during his early years and developed a keen sense for the industry.

In addition to his Controller duties, Daryl oversees all production and is vital to the Raynel Company's sales efforts. He is also responsible for scheduling all deliveries and executing all orders, as well as customer service. Over the years, Daryl has helped the Raynel Company negotiate reduced raw material costs as a way to pass savings on to the customers.

In his spare time Daryl enjoys surfing, playing golf, softball and listening to music especially jazz and blues.  Daryl was also an All-League Volleyball player in High School and loves to travel.

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Dave graduated from San Diego State University in 1992. He is back at Raynel after working for the company from 1993-94. Dave has years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations and also heads his own Marketing Consulting company called Ayers Communications.

However his primary focus is on The Raynel Company and its customers. Dave is in charge of the marketing and sales efforts for the company. Dave has used his innovative approach to help Raynel find ways to save customers money through new product designs, reduced material costs or alternate product recommendations. Dave also serves as a sales rep for the Raynel Company's rep accounts.

Dave was selected as "1992 National League Intern of the Year" while working for the San Diego Padres baseball team.  He is also a Council Member for the United Way of Orange County and is the Chairman of the Annual United Way Charity Pool Tournament.  In his spare time he plays basketball, softball, works out and reads a lot.

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Keith graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelors degree. He joined the Raynel Company in 1993 after 28 years with Kaiser Steel and several successful years as an independent manufacturer's agent. Keith is in charge of sales for all of Raynel's rep accounts as well as helping maintain sales in the mine side of the business. Keith brings to Raynel a stellar track record from his days at Kaiser and has helped the Raynel company continue to stay on top of its customer service efforts.

Keith lives in Yorba Linda with his wife Yo, and is an avid golfer. He was also a former football star at Cal and his claim to fame is being pictured on the cover of Time Magazine trying to tackle USC's Frank Gifford.  Wonder what ever happened to that Gifford guy?

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