Raynel has been a creative and innovative force that has started trends that have influenced the entire steel products industry.  From their Rayleaf Cloverleaf Design Roof Plate Washers to the Raywelds High Strength Welded Wire Panels; or its creative packaging and shipping methods, Raynel continues to set the industry standards.    

A brief look at the Raynel History:

The RAYWELD Proprietary Design High Strength Welded Wire was introduced to the market by Raynel Founders Greg Ayers and Gary Nelson in the early 80's. The product boasts an average weld shear strength of 2,100 psi while standard welded wire averages about 750 psi. Stringent quality assurance testing is done to assure optimal weld shear strength.  

In the early 80's Raynel developed the "Compact Bundling" system for use on their chain link lagging products. This bundling system was designed to make handling easier and storing more convenient while also using less space and freeing up the warehouse.  

In the mid-80's, Raynel designed expanded metal panels for ease of use with roof bolters in mining applications. This helped save countless hours in production time which translated into significant savings for the mines.
The RAYLEAF Cloverleaf design roof plate washer is the product that started it all for the Raynel Company and to this day is the strongest roof plate washer around. In addition to its strength and sharp design the Rayleaf is very easy to work with and is compatible with all bolting systems.  
Raynel has been a valued supplier/partner with Tunneling Contractors on projects throughout the United States for over a decade. Among the products Raynel has supplied are these steel ring sets for lining the wall of the tunnel. 
Raynel also supplies the tunnel industry with welded wire and adds years of expertise in steel and steel products to every project.   
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